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In the phase of defining a new forum project, we suggest that you benefit from our experience in the form of advice or assistance in various fields: budget, program, logistics, marketing. We customize a registration management website for your forum that allows each congress attendee to manage their participation online and prepare their meetings: Based on the meeting wishes made online by the participants, our software optimizes the individual meeting schedules. As an organizer, you have “administrator” access to the website to supervise all the information collected

The success of an event undeniably depends on the actions implemented to promote it. Depending on your objectives, a variety of tools can be created and deployed to promote it to your target audiences. It is therefore important to surround yourself with competent people who know both the event environment and the field of communications. In this sense, our team is the one for you! Composed of experts in management, organization and communication, it will be able to identify which strategy best meets your needs. Together, we can establish a realistic marketing strategy, adapted to your audience and your budget !


Innovative and profit-driven project manager successfully demonstrated in increasing revenue, market share and profits, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction in customer-facing operations and large diverse organizations. Skilled at analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting research and driving ongoing profits through strategic and focused workflow analyzes, staffing and business process analyzes. Exemplary change agent capable of analyzing problems, promoting continuous process improvement and integrating business process initiatives to increase efficiency, streamline operations and reduce overall expenses with limited resources.Consistently identifies and accelerates strategic actions to strengthen performance with sustainable operational results. Forge lasting relationships with customers and business partners for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Haitham kamal CEO / Chief Executive Officer